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"Wonderful to have repeat tag lines to remember, like “brake, brake, brake, stomp clutch!” I really appreciated knowing Marly had a 2nd set of pedals."

- Sue B

"Loved the experience! Got straight feedback & awesome customer service!"

- Mike F

"Marly corrected all mistakes in such a way that neither made me feel nervous nor tense. I was feeling relaxed from first to last lesson."

- Steven R

"Very easygoing, friendly, supportive and positive. I feel more comfortable & at ease now."

- Melissa S

"Marly’s course was well paced. Roofsign was useful to warn other drivers!"

- Nicholas H

"Marly was very knowledgeable & pushed me in a manner that built my confidence.  I feel competent & in control in a standard now, and all the happier for it."

- Claire W

"Shifting up & down…total control of the car…it’s exhilarating…learned everything essential to survive out there!"

- Ricardo L

"I feel more confident & less scared of hill starts. I got clear instructions; good teaching methods used. Marly could see when I was stressed & was very calming."

- Sarah N

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