SCHOOL POLICIES & SAFETY PLAN (Covid/Communicable Diseases)


OWNER:             Marly Zell 604.202.4335, voicemail IS available

MAILING ADDRESS:#302-3580 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6N 3E6

OPEN:                  Tuesday through Saturday 11AM-4PM (earlier if ICBC rd test)

CLOSED:              SUNDAY + MONDAY: voicemails of Sun+Mon are answered Tuesday

TERRITORY:        Vancouver (excludes Downtown, West End, Yaletown)

FEES:                   Cash at each lesson start, fees may change without notice

​Quick Shift Hour    1 HOUR   = $100+5%GST = $105

RdTst StressBuster 2 HOURS = $180+5%GST = $189*

                            *Car unavailable unless a lesson is held within

                             the week preceding your ICBC test & my permission

CANCELLATION: 1 business day notice or pay cash fee: $52.50 (tax included)

OTHER FEES:      No show, late cancel, returned item: $52.50 (tax included)

MAXIMUM INCAR:  Instructor + 1 client unless otherwise agreed

DRIVING TIME:   45–50 minutes per hour for 2 reasons: suitable practise area,

                               and update “Lesson Record” (an ICBC requirement)

REFUND POLICY: No refunds given for completed lessons

SAFETY PLAN (Covid/Communicable Diseases)


A) Reduce risk of person-to-person transmission

Level 1: Limit # of people & physically distance 6’ wherever possible

  • Maximum occupancy in-car: 1 instructor & 1 client, unless otherwise agreed

  • Impossible to physically distance 6’ in-car, open windows for fresh air flow

Level 2: Barriers & partitions

  • Impossible as instructor may use stick-shift/wheel/parking brake

Level 3: Rules and guidelines

  • PHO/WorkSafeBC & common sense followed

Level 4: Personal protective equipment

  • Client & instructor wear face masks in car

B) Reduce risk of surface transmission

  • Clean hard “high-touch” surfaces before lesson

  • Hygiene:​​

    • NO lesson if either party ill, use questions below

    • cough/sneeze into sleeve/tissue + avoid touching face

    • hand sanitizer, tissues + garbage can provided in-car

    • All use hand sanitizer & facemasks in car during lesson


Cancel lesson if anyone ill. Use hand sanitizer & masks during lesson.


1. Are you experiencing:

  • any symptoms like cold or flu

  • difficulty breathing

  • any chronic health conditions like allergies or asthma

2. Have you travelled in last 14 days?

3. Have you provided care to or had close contact w/ anyone sick or COVID-positive?

4. Are you under orders to self-isolate or quarantine?

5. Please explain your “bubble” & extent of your social activities...the risk is NEVER zero

Cancel lesson if “yes” to any questions 1-4, use common sense to judge #5.

If either party ill during lesson: call 811 re testing & self-isolation, 911 if ambulance needed.

Also contact WorkSafeBC (required injury & occupational disease forms) and deep-clean car.