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Yes, it's my job to teach you...

My 2002 teaching debut was with Young Drivers of Canada, they trained very well!

I still love turning client fear of driving manual cars into excitement!

My clients experience fun lessons for 'clutch finesse' & defensive driving in a safe, non-judgmental environment. I love hearing from clients...a solo 'manual' drive, passing an ICBC road test...

Daily CLIENT SUCCESS fuels this “one woman, one car adventure” since I

established Shifting Gears Driving School in 2009!


At 50, wrote Business Plan--Company Owner (15yrs) after instructing manual for YD (7 yrs)

At 55, motorcycle lessons, Class 6-full motorcycle licence, 650cc cruiser, many FUN rides!

At 65, volunteer as Church Council Chair, always learning new skills (though semi-retired!)

Challenge YOURSELF to manual driving YOUR manual "dream machine" OR rent a stick-shift overseas for LESS $$...YES, the world beyond N. America drives standard cars!

My Mission

Client success fuels this “one woman, one car adventure” since the day I started

Shifting Gears Driving School. 
-Marly Zell

Owner/Master Instructor
Shifting Gears Driving School

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