Your needs & prior skills determine your unique lessons.

Call without obligation!

​Territory is Vancouver (NO Downtown, West End, Yaletown)

Health questions asked before lesson start. 

Lesson cancelled if anyone ill for any reason.

Client brings driver licence, cash payment & own FACE-MASK.

Car's hard high-touch surfaces cleaned between lessons.

Newsflash: Calendar FULL next 7 WEEKS.  Please leave just your name + number on voicemail to receive a return call.  Thanks...Marly



Quick Shift Session

​1 hour - MANUAL CAR ONLY.

Special: $95 + 5% GST

Regularly $100 + GST

Road Test Stress Buster

2.5 hours on your ICBC road test day.

MANUAL CAR ONLY.  Includes 1 hr warmup before test. NO car available unless one lesson in week before exam AND my permission!

SPECIAL: $180 + 5% GST
Regularly $200 + GST